Future iPhone Rumors

Apple’s first allscreen smartphone could launch in 2024 with Apple’s iPhone 16 Pro. According to Ming-Chi Kuo Apple analyst, the device could be the first to have under-display face ID and an underscreen front camera. However, Ross Young, a display analyst, expects an underscreen camera to debut with the iPhone 18 Pro.

According to Ross Young, display analyst, 2023 iPhones will feature the same with a dual-hole cutout like this year’s iPhone 14 Pro models. The 2023 models will feature the same design, with circular cutouts and a pill-shaped cutout. This feature is not limited to the Pro models. Although the pill and hole design may shrink slightly, Apple will still be ready to offer full under-display FaceID in a few years.


According to Bloomberg, Apple analyst MingChi Kuo, Apple will choose a USB-C port instead of a Lightning connector in 2023. This would make USB-C the default charging method for all iPhone 15 models.

Multiple sources claim that Apple will continue to use Lightning. However, the European Union has passed new legislation that would require Apple to use USB-C for all its devices that are sold in Europe. Apple would have to either ship specific USB-C models in Europe or make changes across all its devices if this legislation is passed.

In-House Modem Chips

Apple is currently working to create its own modem chips. This will enable the company reduce its dependence on modem chip suppliers. Apple purchased the majority of Intel’s smartphone modem businesses in 2019. This has accelerated development.

Ming-Chi Kuo, an Apple analyst, recently stated that Apple could switch to its 5G modems in 2023. Apple will be able to design its own modems and eliminate the need for Qualcomm. Although 2023 is the “earliest”, multiple rumors suggest that TSMC, Apple’s chip supplier, will be ready in 2023 to produce Apple modem chips.

Periscope Lens

periscope Telephoto Lens could be introduced in 2023 iPhone models if it is not ready for release.

Under Display Face ID

Multiple rumors suggest that Apple is looking at ways to remove the notch from the display by placing the hardware for Face ID underneath it. Although it was originally believed that Apple might adopt under-display Face ID technology in 2022, Ross Young, a display analyst, says that components such as the infrared camera won’t be moved below the display until 2023 and 2024.

Foldable iPhone

Apple may also introduce a foldable iPhone in the near future. This is based on rumors and patents that Apple has published as well as competition from Samsung and Microsoft, who have already developed foldable smartphones.

A mockup showing what a foldable iPhone might look like

According to Bloomberg Apple has begun “early works” on an iPhone with foldable displays, but has yet to release a folding device. Although rumors suggest that a foldable device could be released as soon as 2024, it is more likely that 2025 will be the target date.

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Rumours suggest that the iPhone 15 Pro, expected next year, will include a single punch hole camera. Apple may then integrate the Face ID sensors beneath the display using Samsung’s under panel camera technology. The camera will eventually disappear beneath the display. It isn’t there yet. The company opts for an intermediate solution with the 14 Pro.